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Cold Storage Facility Details

The CrowleyFresh cold storage facility offers importers, marketers and distributors the following advantages:

Pre-cooling chamber

  • Forced air pre-cooling to ensure rapid and sustained cooled temperatures
  • Capacity rotation: 20,000 kilos per hour
  • Forced air with humidifier

Four separate independently temperature-controlled storage chambers

  • Four separate independently temperature-controlled storage chambers with temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 70 degrees, suiting a variety of products
  • 400,000 total cubic feet of refrigerated space

Additionally, CrowleyFresh offers:

  • Refrigerated loading dock.
  • 17 access doors, including those equipped with rollers for airline unit loading devices (ULDs)
  • Nine dock-high sealed doors that lead to the refrigerated loading dock
  • Additional storage space for cargo supplies and non-refrigerated materials (dry cargo space)
  • Parking designed to accommodate up to 20 containers

All of the CrowleyFresh chambers are tightly sealed and insulated to maintain food safety and avoid cross-contamination. Learn more about our affiliations and certifications .

With CrowleyFresh on your side, there's no need to worry about power loss. Emergency generators and a company-wide contingency plan are in place to keep the chambers cool and maintain cargo integrity during natural disasters, storms and other environmental incidents.

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