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A move that could improve product quality, lower costs and create a boom in blueberry imports to the U.S.

Customized Brokers Vice President, Nelly Yunta, recently sat down with the Packer, a publication dedicated to news about fresh produce since 1893, to discuss the benefits of lowering the current USDA-mandated fumigation temperatures for Argentine blueberries coming into the U.S.

Yunta, along with the support of growers, exporters and importers in the industry, explained the harm higher temperatures can cause on the blueberries and how a change in the temperatures could not only preserve quality, but allow blueberries to be transported via vessel more often, thus increasing volume and reducing the costs.

Yunta and Customized Brokers, which will soon have a cold storage facility available for fresh produce exporters and importers, have been actively communicating with the USDA about this measure, and hopes it will come to fruition before the start of the Blueberry season.

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