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The FDA has recently posted New FAQs Concerning Food Facility Registrations.

Question: I do not have the Food Facility Registration PIN number that is required to access my registration in the online registration system, and therefore I am unable to renew my registration. What steps should I take?

FDA Response: Due to certain confidentiality constraints and the amount of time it takes the Agency to process PIN requests, the Agency is no longer able to fulfill PIN requests for registration renewals for the 2012 renewal period. If a facility is unable to renew its existing registration by January 31, 2013 because it does not have its PIN number, the facility may create a new registration by January 31, 2013 in order to be registered in accordance with section 415 of the FD&C Act.

Question: If I create a new registration, will I retain my compliance history or shipping history associated with my facility?

FDA Response: Some facilities may create new registrations rather than renew existing registrations because they no longer have the PIN numbers that are needed to access their existing registrations in the online registration system. For such a facility, the Agency does not anticipate a loss of compliance history or shipping history, provided that the facility’s new registration includes the same information such as facility name and facility address.

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