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FAVIR and the Fruits and Vegetables Manual have been revised. The reasons for the revisions were:
**Revised the additional declaration on the phytosanitary certificate (PC/AD) to reflect the status change of Planococcus minor and Coccus viridis to non-quarantine pests. The countries and commodities that have changed are:
• Belize-rambutan (page 3-39)
• Costa Rica-rambutan (page 3-91)
• El Salvador-rambutan (page 3-111)
• Guatemala-rambutan (page 3-141)
• Honduras-basil (page 3-153)
• Honduras-rambutan (page 3-154)
• Mexico-dragon fruit/pitahaya (page 3-220)
• Mexico-rambutan (page 3-220)
• Nicaragua-rambutan (page 3-244)
• Panama-rambutan (page 3-260)
**Added a papaya orchard, El Prado, to the list of approved growers from Chiapas, Mexico (manual page 3-219)

In addition, there has been formatting changes throughout the entire manual, resulting in changes in pagination, table numbering, and figure numbering.

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