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APHIS is announcing that the Plant Inspection Station (PIS) in Linden, New Jersey will be closing its fumigation chambers. We are in the process of building a new PIS in New Jersey. As part of the relocation, we will not be moving the fumigation chambers to the new facility. APHIS plans to begin decommissioning the fumigation chambers on October 1, 2012.

This decision comes as a result of an APHIS evaluation of fumigation chambers at the current PIS locations.  Approximately 95% of fumigations done in existing chambers do not require a vacuum treatment. Importers can pay a contractor to complete required fumigations.

APHIS has begun to phase out the installation and use of fumigation chambers at new PIS facilities.  APHIS is currently in the process of building new PIS facilities in Atlanta, Georgia; Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California; Nogales, Arizona; and Linden, New Jersey. There are no plans to have fumigation chambers in these new locations.

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