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CrowleyFresh Cold Storage

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Crowley and Customized Brokers have introduces two, cold storage warehouse facilities – one in Miami and one in Jacksonville –  to offer customers multiple humidity and temperature-controlled coolers to handle perishables. Located in Miami and Jacksonville, CrowleyFresh is can service full and less-than-container load cargoes between Northeast or South Florida and Latin and South America, the Caribbean including Puerto Rico, Europe, Asia and the Far East with destinations throughout the world.

Service Highlights:

  • We maintain a presence in most major ports of entry.  

  • We work full time to expedite the importation process and to make sure your perishables arrive to market at their peak of freshness.

  • In the event that your perishables are detained, our team of experts works quickly to provide unmatched guidance and communications to expedite the process. 

  • We connect our customers with appropriate laboratory, certification and fumigation services quickly, should they be required. View our current affiliations and certifications.

  • CrowleyFresh can serve as an in-transit facility for goods requiring temporary storage before heading to their final destination. 

  • We offer a host of value-added services including export processing.

  • Our cold-storage warehouses are uniquely suited as an in-transit consolidation/deconsolidation point for customers with fully perishable loads, or for those looking to combine perishable and dry loads together for more economical and reliable transit